• How does the booth work?

    If you can press a button, you can operate it. All you do is stand in front of the booth, press a button, capture your moments and voila, in 10 seconds your photos will be printed out.

    What size are the prints?

    You can either choose 4” x 6” (1 copy) or 2” x 6” (2 copies)

    How long does it take to print?

    It only takes 10 – 13 seconds for the prints.

    How many people can fit inside the booth?

    The booth can fit around 7 people comfortably, but the challenge if up to you guys.

    How many times can I get my photo taken?

    You can get your photo taken as much as you want, however if there is a line up, you will have to line up to get your photo taken again.

    Do you provide props?

    Yes, we have many props to choose from. We can also theme your props on your liking.

    How much space will the booth take up?

    7’ X 8’ is optimal however the minimum required space is 6’ x ‘5

    What do you need from us?

    We need at least one 3’ table and 110V power socket.

    Will there be an attendant?

    Yes there will be two attendants helping guest operate the booth and with the props.

    What happens if there is a technical problem with the booth?

    We try to make our booth as stress free as possible, however in some cases that we may need to troubleshoot or to refill the paper. We have two expert attendants that would repair the problem right away.